Mr. Tee’s suggestions on cool shirts you could order!

Do you have an upcoming event or special occasion that you are considering ordering some shirts for, but you could use a little more inspiration? This page has a bunch of tips and ideas on cool custom shirts for things like family outings and weddings to sporting events and staff favourites and why it can be beneficial to make shirts for these kinds of events.

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  • The Basics of Screen Printing; How We Do What We Do.

    A step by step inside look at how screen printing works and what exactly our talented staff does everyday to complete the orders that you place with us.

  • Creative Party Favours for Kids Birthdays

    Tired of the same old party favours of candy and toys that most kids might not keep? Why not try this creative solution to give your invitees matching shirts! They come with more benefits than just a cool memento too.

  • Family Reunions: an Easy Trick to Know Who’s-Who

    An easy way to spice up your next family reunion and keep yourself from confusing your distant relatives with one another. And who wouldn’t enjoy a picture of their whole family coordinating with one another!

  • Extra Fun for Family Trips

    A few ideas about why it can be fun to get matching shirts for your family on your next vacation and how matching shirts can be helpful with large groups in crowded areas.