Extra Fun for Family Trips

May 14, 2014 7:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Adding a matching t-shirt to your family’s upcoming vacation could help you make even more memories! For instance, if your family (immediate, extended, or both) is planning a trip, think how special it would be if you all had matching shirts to wear in your pictures.

At Mr. Tee’s, our brilliant artists are always here to help you with designs and artwork. If you don’t already have an idea on what you want on your family shirts, bring in your destination and some fun facts about the trip and we can help you come up with a look that will commemorate your trip.

When you are working on ideas for your design it can be fun to incorporate things that are unique to your family and the trip you are taking. Say your family is from Ireland and you’re going to Magic Mountain this summer. Maybe your shirt could include a leprechaun riding a roller coaster or a four leaf clover surrounded by flags.

In theme parks and other crowded areas, having matching shirts with your group can make it easier to keep track of everyone. Now not only are you all matching, you are keeping safety a priority by not loosing each other too.

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This post was written by Brian Molina